Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Neighbours Garden

The silver trunks of the Eucalyptus' trees lining the driveway as it meanders up the hill

Today I'm going to write about my friend Yvettes garden. Yvette and I went to school together and learnt about Horticulture! We also built our display gardens at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show together.  So we have a little bit of a history and a shared passion.

The gorgeous wysteria overlooking the pool area adds a feeling of history and softness .

Yvette and  her husband  and two children live in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne on a very steep block .Some of the original garden is still there and Yvette has made good use of her plant knowledge and passion for horticulture and design to establish a functional, sustainable  and beautiful garden.
Lavender bushes which have survived since the garden was orginally built, over look the new veggie beds. The flowers will attract bees and help polinate the veggies.

It is a combination of traditional exotic plants such as Camellias, roses, lavenders,  along with already established native trees and more modern native shrubs and creepers. In amongst this, she has also included a  veggie patch and fruit trees, some from the original garden, and recently  they have also included a pool.

The wooden fence around the pool keeps the pool safe, but also is more organic alternative to the metal, or glass fencing often used.

New Veggie beds which have been put in over the last couple of weeks.

 It is the perfect blend of garden rooms, allowing for the kids and also many places for the adults to get lost and spend a bit of time alone,  still  it retains privacy and bit of the old world charm.  I can't really do it that much justice so i wont try, the photo's speak for themselves.

The beautiful Ceonathus papillosus keeps the bees in the area very busy!
The irises will take over when the Ceonathus is finished.

A chair for a sleepy garden spirit.

Leading you up the garden path!

The meandering drive lazily makes its way up the hill

A mix of natives and exotics add variety and colour.

Native shrubs mass planted on the embankment
Siennas Park, a gift given to Yvettes daughter
A truly lovely garden and a great acheivement  and like most gardens, always evolving.

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