Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Visit to Yea -The Wetlands

On Sunday Graham and I went for a drive up the country. We headed north out of Melbourne up the Hume Highway, not really sure where we were going to end up. We decided to turn off at Strath Creek turn off which is a pretty little town which was affected quite badly during the Black Saturday bush fires, then kept driving on until we came to Yea.

Yea is a nice town we have visited before when we spent a weekend in the foothills of Mt Bulla, a couple of years ago. Its 109km north East of Melbourne on the Goulburn River. The traditional owners of the land were the Taungurung People and the area was settled by white people from NSW in the 1830's. Yea is a pretty little town with about five pubs and a population of around 1,100.  There are lovely shops and a gallery and some nice cafes, and the people are lovely.

 We walked around and then went to the Wetlands for a wander and were enchanted by all the frogs and birds living amongst the water ways and trees so close to the highway and centre of town. I took a video because the sounds were so great there were masses of birds and frogs. But first, here are some pictures of the walk we took.As usual I took a tonne of pictures being a frustrated photographer!

There is a suspension bridge right at the start, I love suspension bridges, there is something organic about them.

Then we continued on around the wetlands along a boardwalk built over the water. There were lots of water birds and little wrens and kookaburras, and a tiny kingfisher which sadly I couldn't get a photo of as it was just too far away and my camera isnt that good.

It was a damp cool day and raining ever so gently but in the wetlands it was perfect. As we walked through we saw beautiful old trees and shrubs, listened to the frogs singing and also came across a couple of "hides" for bird watching .

There were warnings about snakes but I think we were pretty safe considering it was about 17c all the smart snakes were at home in bed where it was warm!
There was also signs every now and then with information about the flora and fauna including bush tucker (for humans) and different species of birds and animals.

If you ever have the chance to visit this part of Victoria its well worth it.

I also took some video so you can enjoy the fabulous sounds of the wetlands.

I hope you enjoyed the walk as well, remember comments are always welcome.

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