Sunday, October 9, 2011

White Blooms in our Garden

At the moment we have many flowers coming out in the garden and the other day when I was out there with the camera I noticed a bit of a theme.

Seems  there are a lot of white flowers out right now. Possibly because I have planted things with white flowers (obviously) but also perhaps because it is spring and bees like light colours???

So here are some pictures which I took. Our beautiful climbing rose has gone wild after being pruned pretty severely , and finally  the Pandorea jasminoides,  Lady Di creeper has flowers coming out, which is very brave of it considering how often it has been hammered by a basketball!

The jasmine is still going which is nice because the perfume is lovely and of the course the blossoms on the apple trees are always really pretty. One of the apples has gone nuts after all the rain we've had and we will also have a pretty decent crop of lemons coming up too. 
Out on the nature strip i've planted these little white daisies along with some Euryops pectinatus which are yellow.


  1. Whites are always special, aren't they? I decided to plant more whites after visiting Sara Duke's garden in NC last June. Your blooms are lovely. I like all of them and the jasmine especially, such delicate flowers!

  2. Thanks for reading Tatyana, I must admit my fav has got to be the white climbing rose! I'm a bit old fashioned and the flowers are just gorgeous. Cheers.


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