Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas a week away!!

Here it is the weekend before Christmas and I have not quite but almost got all my pressies organized. Here in Melbourne the weather is warming up and the garden in flourishing. The kids are already swimming and enjoying the sun and I am starting to think about Sunscreen and the skin care.

Also on my mind is the menu for Christmas day. Both Christmas lunch and then dinner. The weather over the Christmas  period looks like being warm if a bit wet now and then, so maybe a bbq is a possibility. We have ham every year, so turkey on top of that can be a bit much, but this year Sam has suggested Duck.

 So I am going to have a crack at it. I have only cooked duck once before but I am always up for a challenge to show off my cooking skills! Along with the duck and ham I am planning an  Orange salad with iceberg lettuce, some roast potatoes ( cooked in duck fat) and I think steamed string beans with pine nuts, and perhaps a nice bottle of Shiraz or a Pinot Noir.

Tonight we will go and check out the Christmas lights along Ivanhoe Boulevard, which is an event put on each year in Melbourne . The displays are really wonderful and people put a lot of effort in them.  I'll take my camera along and post some photos for you to see.

Meanwhile enjoy the rest of your weekend and dont let the last minute rush get to you. This time of year is great time to reflect on the year we have had and look forward to the next year ahead,  wether you are celebrating Christmas as part of your culture or just enjoying the end of year break, enjoy and be safe. Feel the love and joy in this wonderful world of ours and take care.

Cheers for now!

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