Monday, January 2, 2012

A Brand New Year!

Hi everyone and welcome to 2012. I hope its a happy and fulfilling year for everyone. Here in Melbourne we have started the year with some real summer weather. Yesterday the mercury reached a warm 35c and today its going to be an even warmer 40c. Summer is here in all her glory. I have a summer cold and am trying to keep cool and get better so will not be doing anything too energetic for now. I will water the veggies, dogs, cats and chickens and then come inside and potter around the house.

I have made about 3 or 4 resolutions for the year and one of them is to be more organised, so a task for today is to re-organise the kitchen.

Here in our 1940's weatherboard, we dont have a great deal of storage, so I am doing a bit of a clear out of anything we havent used in the last year. Graham and I tend to be hoarders and every now and then have to count to ten and be a bit ruthless! There is always someone who needs the stuff we dont use anymore so i usually take it to a local place called Savers which is run by the Diabetic Foundation. Its like a huge department store or bizarre of second hand stuff, everything including  clothes, toys, tools, books kitchen appliances, you name it chances are they will sell it somewhere. When Sam was little and I was a single Mum we got everything from Savers!

I am also going to try and do some sewing and maybe make a slice or something yummy for the boys.
Our garden has grown immensley in the last few weeks as we have had heaps of rain and lots of sunshine too so everything is coming along nicely.

I have planted beans, and capsicum in the veggie patch along with some, zucchini, pumpkin, canteloupe and of course tomatoes. The tomatoes and pumpkin tend to come up by themselves from seeds in the compost which is nice because we get a great variety.  I have also planted luffahs and some sunflowers which are coming along nicely. I better go and water them all and maybe put some shade over the younger plants as its going to be a scorcher today!

Enjoy your day whatever you do & take care!


  1. Serena just discovered you blog, your pictures are gorgeous, just love the one of your cat in the bowl.


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