Friday, February 17, 2012

Todays Harvest and a Garage Sale

The sunflowers are out and are brightening up the veggie patch on a rather dull summers day. Along with them are several tomatoe plants with heaps of fruit but none of them seem to be ripening. We have had a rather cool summer and I suspect the tomatoes aren't getting enough sun. However if they fail to ripen I will just make green tomatoe chutney with them.
This morning in the garden we have lots of hidden goodies. I picked some big Lebanese zucchini and beans, green capsicum and little yellow peppers along with the last of the plums and some lemons.
 Enough to feed 4 of us this evening I think, I'm going to make some chicken and veggie kebabs for dinner so I think this will all tie in well.  The zucchinis never fail to reward, and the pumpkins are coming along nicely. although this year we dont have any wild pumpkins. A first in the veggie patch this year are the canteloupes and we have lots of flowers on that with several little baby canteloupes forming, yumm!  We also have bananas growing on our banana trees !


The beans are enjoying the cooler summer and the fruit trees have given us more than previous years so I am quite content with our  little productive plot.
We are getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow and have plenty of stuff to sell which is great, I have yet to go through my cd's and see what can be disposed of there although I am rather attached to them and will have trouble parting with many!

We have lots of clothes, books , garden stuff, a few pieces of furniture, toys, a brass bed, a flymo (electric Mower)  home made soap, home made cleaning products, a couple of kids scooters,some cricket gear, magazines  and heaps of other stuff.

If you're in Melbourne tomorrow and would like to come for a browse details are on our facebook events page here we would love to see you there!
Thats all for now have a lovely Friday whatever you are doing and enjoy your weekend.


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