Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr Fothergills Seeds and MIFGS

My  "Acheivable Garden" at Melb International Flower & Garden Show  in 2008

Today is the first day of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Good luck to everyone who has an entry in the student competitions and to the regular stall holders. Its a great day if your a garden person like me and a wonderful way to touch base with designers, plant suppliers, nurseries and landscapers. There are some terrific ideas and its also an opportunity to check out new cultivars and stuff for the back yard and look at new tools too.

The plants are wonderful as are the designs, there is garden art and food too. So go along its worth a visit.

Also today I have been asked by Fothergills seeds to trial some of their products and talk about them on my blog. I agreed to this and the other day came home to a small box full of goodies.
Some of the seeds are organic, some are Heirloom, like the Mini Cabbage, as opposed to Giant varieties which if your family is anything like mine dont get used a great deal. So mini is perfect. The other Heirloom varieties include Carrots .
So today I am off to plant some seeds, included in this parcel was some peat pelletts which you add warm water to and then plant 3 seeds in each and they come in a packet with a lid to help keep them warm, then you place them somewhere they will get lots of light and wait for the seeds to pop out. Ideal for people in apartments who want to grow their own herbs or a few veggies in pots, because you wont need too much potting mix to get started.
Dry jiffy pots which are like dehydrated peat
After adding abou 1/2 a cup of warm (not hot) water. They expand and become little seed tubes.
 They have a whole range of these little jiffy pots large and small which are great for planting out seeds and then transplanting directly into the garden bed without having to disturb them and no plastic tubes or pots to get rid of. These things have been around for years and are a brilliant environment friendly way to propogate.
They are also great for kids who are learning about gardening and growing plants from seed. Their website is

 I have planted carrots, chives and  like I said cabbage.  I'm not great with seeds ( I tend to forget about them), but these I have confidence about and have placed in the bathroom  next to the  window so they will have lots of light without being burnt by the sun, and......I wont forget them!

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  1. Hi Serena, I love jiffy pots, I think after the wheel they are probably the greatest invention in the world (It is possible some people may think I'm biased or exaggerating). The MIFGS sounds extra wonderful this year, and I'm sorry I'm unable to go. Oh, well, there's always next year ... So enjoy your visit, your 2008 entry looks great. cheers, cm


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