Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My week up till now.

Over the last week we have had the lovely Joe from Germany working in our garden. She has helped transform it from a paddock, back to a garden! After all the rain the weeds and grass had just taken over so when Joe contacted me about doing some WWOOFing at our place I couldnt say no! So she has pulled out all the weeds and picked the tomatoes, ready for chutney and helped us cut down some rather dead banana trees too.

The Canteloupe has two melons on it which I am watching like a hawk and now we really can keep an eye on the two bunches of bananas in the tree tops as we have a clear view. They are tiny but fat
 which I think is a good thing!

 The front garden is all but transformed too with the couch grass all gone and some weed mat down with some ground cover hebes planted awaiting a load of mulch to finish it off.

The sun flowers are on their last legs and I will go about collecting the seeds soon to keep for next year. I have been lucky enough to be contacted by a local seed production company, "Mr Fothergills",  to trial some seeds and seedling products for them. I am awaiting a small parcel of seeds and my garden is pretty much ready for them!

The banana trees which we cut down have been chopped up and i'm hoping to get hold of some horse poo to add to it and will leave it all to break down for a while. before adding it to the soil somewhere. I've been told they will make great mulch/compost  so we shall see.

Also this week I have started up my environmentally friendly cleaning business The Domestic Dragon and have put together a website so please feel free to have a look: http://thedomesticdragon.webs.com/ let me know what you think and if you need a cleaner in the Melbourne area let me know!

Comments are always welcome so feel free to leave some. I hope you have a lovely week .


  1. hi serena, certainly a varied and interesting life, it must be wonderful hosting OS students and WWOOFers. I'm afraid that canteloupe brings out my inner greed, envy and lust. good luck with the new business venture. I have already recommended it to a friend who I know is looking for help with cleaning. The website is very clear - I think I would quite like to see info and photos of the people involved.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sue, I hope you are recovering well from your stint in hospital and will be back in form soon. Nice pictures of the Dandenongs you took too!! Always good if you have a room with  a view! The canteloupe was a surprise, I must admit, I didnt really expect it to fruit but..... there you go! I will send you some seeds if you want ! Anyway I hope your recovery is quick take care. Cheersxx.


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