Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red Cross Day

Over the weekend I went to Echuca to spend the weekend with my Red Cross Colleagues doing outreach for survivors of the 2011 Victorian floods.

Today is Red Cross Day and I just want to spread the word about the great work that Red Cross Australia do. I have been a volunteer for about 2 years now and am constantly in awe of the work which is carried out by other volunteers, and also employees of Red Cross.

Red Cross look after survivors of disaster long after everyone else has forgotten the disaster even happened. Red Cross are still keeping an eye out for survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires, and helping survivors of floods around the country in 2011 and helping them rebuild their lives.

Disaster isnt just a physical event, it effects those involved for years after it has occurred. Red Cross looks after those people long after the media and general population have forgotten them.

So this is my plug for the wonderful volunteers &  workers' who keep the Red Cross going.


  1. you are such a dynamo serena - I don't know how you fit everything in! what a wonderful and satisfying job that must be - providing ongoing support to the flood survivors.


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