Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our New Chicks

First day in their new home

Having a drink

 These are our new chicks! We got them about 2 weeks ago from a lovely lady in Packenham at Colsanjat Farm, who along with Australorps, also have Isa Browns,  and other hens for sale too here http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/cardinia-area/livestock/isa-brown-chickens-chooks-poultry-hens-lay-large-brown-eggs-/1002863298 .

The ones I bought are Australorps bred for Australian conditions and are excellent layers, they must like their new home as they are growing quite nicely and have settled in well.

I was a little bit concerned about how they would get on with our other chooks who we have had for 5 years but it seems my concern was unfounded. They seem to be getting used to each other, although the babys are living in their own little hutch in the chook yard for now, the larger hens are able to mix with them during the day. I let the babies wander around the chook yard and let the big girls out through the front door of the hen house into the garden . The chooks have their own food and water in the chook shed and the little chicks have their food and water in their little hutch. So far so good. I was a little concerned about how they would get on as I read some awful stories online about older chooks attacking young chicks, but its amazing how far a little commonsense will get you.

Something the lady who sold them to me was that if you introduce them to each other late in the day  they are more docile and less likely to be picked on.

They are very sweet and all run up to me when i visit them.  I read that,  Australorps  are not too flighty or agro and make excellent pets, they dont seem to scratch as much as the leghorn X rhode island reds i already have, and they do like a cuddle!  I am looking forward to them growing and laying lots of eggs!

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  1. congrats Serena, you sound just like a proud chick-mother, and they are very sweet, lovely chicks. I think it's funny that they are less likely to fight late in the day when they are tired. Quite different to human children who are more likely to behave badly when tired.


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