Monday, July 16, 2012

Blogs I learn from

Recently I was nominated for the Sunshine awards which is very  humbling, there are a great many more blogs out there which are a lot more informative and committed than mine,  blogs are a great way of bringing like minded people together. Over the next couple of days/weeks I'm going to  talk about Blogs I follow and learn from.

Amongst these are:
Diary of a Suburban Gardener
First a Dream
Our French Garden
My Secret Garden
The Greening of Gavin
Inner Pickle
Some of these I have been reading for years others I have only been reading recently. They all have a common theme involving either, sustainable living, recycling  or gardens.

Today I'm going to talk about Rhonda Hertzel and her blog Down__to__Earth. This was one of the first blogs I ever read, and right from the start I was absorbed by everything Rhonda had to say.
I have taken on board a lot of what she has written, and now am the proud mother of 6 chickens,(maybe more soon as I am hopeing to adopt some ex-battery hens,) and have used soooo many of her recipes. We no longer buy soap, as I make it, my son adores the chocolate chip cookie recipe which Rhonda put on her blog and there are so many other bits of advice which i have taken on i cant begin to reiterate.

Rhonda also wrote a book Called Down to Earth, which has been published by penguin and is a great read.

I have learnt so much from this lady and am in awe of her wisdom and patience with the world. Thank you Rhonda!

Have a look at Rhonda's blog here:  I promise you wont be disappointed!


  1. Congratulations on your nomination Serena; its well deserved !You contribute heaps of useful stuff to make our lives better.
    Kate Galea
    Achievable Gardens

  2. Thanks for those kind words Kate,I get a lot of pleasure out of sharing that useful stuff! :-)

  3. Hi Serena, this is such a good idea for a post. What I find extra interesting is not only the link and description of Rhonda's blog, but how it has affected you. Now I will go and check it out. But I must tell you - I like the idea of chooks and making my own soap, but I don't think either going to happen here ... for a while anyway ... cheers, catmint


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