Monday, July 30, 2012

Our new chicks now !

This is Esther, she's the boss of the Australorps

Esther and Bella

Bella is very curious

Matilda, she is a little bit shy

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Their feathers have a beautiful greenish /blueish tinge , they are very pretty.

Esther hanging out with Rosey, she's the matriarch.

I think I'm turning into a mad chicken lady! Here are the latest pics of our news chicks they are coming along really well, and have settled in fine with our older girls without any real mishaps. In fact I think they' re a bit smarter than the older chooks!


  1. Serena, those young hens are gorgeous ! Looks like they all have personalities.

  2. I love Australorps, I had some about 20 years ago and intend for our next batch of fertile eggs to be them. I am trying for a mix of colour in our flock, all coplours and some rare breeds. I am intrigued to find out what their personalities are like, how they differ.
    You have some lovely girls.


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