Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunshine Awards!!!

OMG I've been nominated for the Sunshine Awards by my blogging friend Catmint @ Diary of a Suburban Gardener, thanks Catmint  I'm totally honoured! Catmint is inspirational in that her garden - also in Melbourne has a personality wihich is totally natural and indigenous to Melbourne. My blog is ok but Catmints is  more regular and informative. So thanks Sue I am humbled.

Here are my 10 questions and answers:
    1. Favorite color:torquoise To
    2.  Favorite animal: Cat
    3. Favorite number: 7
    4. Favorite drink: wine
    5. Facebook or twitter: Facebook
    6. My passion : My family
    7. Giving or receiving gifts: giving
    8. Favorite day: Sunday
    9. Favorite flower: Peony, Kangaroo paws, Crab Apples, roses ..........
    10. Favorite food: Oysters (go figure!)

Thats it! My favorite blogs include:

Diary of a Suburban Gardener
First a Dream
Our Gardin in the Beautiful Dordogne
My Secret Garden
The Greening of Gavin
Inner Pickle

1 comment:

  1. Hi Serena, thanks for saying those nice things about my garden and blog. I enjoy reading your blog, and it's wonderful connecting with local gardeners and bloggers. I will now go check out the blogs you recommended. cheers, catmint


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