Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name......

The View from our front door!

Pierre de Ronsard

Hot chocolate!

Our gorgeous Peace Rose, not to be confused with Chicago Peace!

I think this one is Monet feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Fire & Ice
Fresh and new Pierre de Ronsard, can you guess which is my favorite?

Not sure what this brave little rose is called but it sure is pretty!     

Burgundy Iceberg

And finally a climbing iceberg peaking over the neighbours fence.


  1. Hi Serena,
    what beautiful blooms. I have very few roses. 2 infact. One was here in a pot looking very sad when I moved here a year ago. It is still in the pot and due to go into the ground any day now. It is a soft creamy colour. The other is a climbing rose I grew from a cutting. It flowered the other day, single purple blooms. Stunning!

  2. Your roses look stunning Serena; hope they are in a vase inside too !

  3. Thanks Kate they certainly are coming inside, yesterday was a really good day for photography in the garden too!

  4. The fire and ice cultivar is the best one. Also the view from your door is quite impressive.


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