Friday, October 26, 2012

Fair Pay for our Dairy Farmers

I've just signed a petition at to Coles/Wesfarmers asking them to put the price of their generic milk up so Dairy farmers are paid fairly for their produce. Since Coles dropped their prices to $1.00 a litre many farmers have had to walk away from their farms as they just cant make a profit and support their families.

Its very important we do something about this as Dairy farmers are a large part of our economy and contribute a great deal to our food production. Being sustainable in food production is hugely important in Austalia we are a long way from anywhere else and it's a tragedy that  our dairy farmers dont geat the full benefit of all their hard work.

Without our dairy farmers what are your kids drinking imported milk, powdered milk?
Please sign this petition and remember when you need some milk spend the extra dollar and support our farmers.

If you have a blog I strongly urge you to  share the petition on your blog and let Wesfarmers know what we think.


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