Monday, October 22, 2012

Its Spring and look at the colour in the garden!!!

Climbing roses on the arbour

once just bare ground now look at it 4 years later!

Who says Natives are messy and boring !!!! Look at the gorgeous colour on this Leptospermum!

Our gorgeous rambling sinhle rose 

We are going to have plenty of apricots this year!

Once again that gorgeous rose .....sorry i couldnt resist!


  1. Hi Serena,
    Beautiful garden you have, Spring is wonderful and such a reprieve from a long Winter, a reward for getting through it. Mine is also lovely and I am enjoying it very much. But no Apricots for me, plenty of flowers but no fruit. Next year I hope?

  2. Flowers are wonderful, I could live without the fruit trees but my partner likes them alot. %Thanks for your comments Dayla!

  3. spring is extra spring-y this year isn't i, with all the rain? I love the way you've photographed the tea tree, that is one of my faves, i have several but not that colour. I have discovered they last a long time indoor in a vase too. Lovely post!

  4. You put in hard labor to build every inch of the garden in your backyard, and when spring comes, it blooms all over the place. Boy, what a pretty sight it is. Full-grown plants with their branches bending down towards the sun, as their flowers show up themselves in full glow. And then there are fruits too, yes, plenty of them. From sweet apricots to guavas, there's enough in store to feed you for a whole week. It's just hard labor in the months leading to spring that's paying off with handsome interests.
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