Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pics for Posting!

Every weekend my partner and i spend a day together to catch up, sometimes we go to the city and look around the galleries and other places and other times we might drive up the country and have Devonshire tea or lunch somewhere. Always I take pictures and so have a tonne of them sitting in my picture files. With the best intentions of writing a blog post about them so here are some of those pictures and a little bit about where they are.
A day at Lake Mountain        

Crimson Rosellas In Gorgeous Marysville

Lunch at the Marysville Bakery

The birds outside the  Marysville Lolly Shop
And a Day at Montsalvat in Eltham

The great hall

A couple of Peacocks/hen having a chat

The geese

some of the beautiful grounds

Inside the great hall

The gardens are cared for by residents and i think volunteers

Looking up the hill towards the artists quarters

Aroud the corner from the restaurant is the courtyard

the geese again keeping an eye on us!
Montsalvat is an artist colony which was establshed in Eltham in the 1930's to find out more have a look at their website here:

These are just some of our photos from around our beautiful city Melbourne. Hope you enjoyed my pics as much as I enjoyed taking them!


  1. lovely photos. You have inspired me to visit Montsalvat again.

  2. Nice! It will be pretty now Spring is here!

  3. Beautiful pics Serena,isnt Monslvat amazing !

  4. Montsalvat is great isnt it. Would love to go back in the warmer months for lunch I think.

  5. Hi Serena, good on you and your partner for getting around to these wonderful places Melbourne has to offer. Lake Mountain and Montsalvat both great places for a day out. Lovely photos.

  6. Like the foggy shot. Reminds me of our forests here. Wish we had some tree ferns. I've got a clear day photo like that on my office wall, from a friend who went over there to see some Eucalyptus forest.

    MDV - Oregon


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