Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Fresh Start.

Its been quite some time since I wrote a post on my blog and i'm sure a lot of my readers got sick of checking if anything new was happening.

Much has happened since November not the least being my son Sam and I moving to Cairns, in far north Queensland. After seperating from my partner I decided it was time I invested in property of my own, and as some of you are more than aware house prices in Victoria arent exactly cheap, so decided to take a look in Cairns. We  have been here 3 times on holiday and always loved it. The climate is lovely, the people are nice, and the pace is a little more civilised, than down south. In early Dec I came up to look at a list of houses I had found for sale, then after finding something great,with a small garden, huge lock up garage and all the mod cons, took the plunge.

My son was nervous but keen on the idea and he has started year 11 up here. We have left a lot behind, in Melbourne, not the least being loved ones and friends, along with pets who will be adored still and will stay where they belong. Sam and I brought one of our cats and one of the dogs, with us. Sadly Chibbie our beautiful cat was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put to sleep, a kinder option than suffering from renal failure.

So here we are in the rainy season, in the tropics!

We drove up just prior to the bushfiresin NSW and cyclone which has inundated a lot of southern Queensland. A long drive but quite an experience.We watched the changes in the environment go from the blue hills of Victoria, through the Riverina, and into NSW , up through Cowra and then through the rough dry cattle country of mid wester NSW to Goondiwindi on the Qld border, then to Rockhampton, the Whitsunday passage, and through to Cairns. We took our time and had a break in Rockhampton. But it was a great trip.

My darling chickens have stayed in Melbourne with Graham, but are now a little bit famous thanks to   
Earth Gardens "Even More Chook Wisdom", as I was asked to write an article, and my chickens got their 15mins of fame!!

So its a Fresh start and a new life, I will post pics as soon as I can. 


  1. Hi Serena,
    wow what a life change! I hope living in Cairns brings you and your son much joy and excitement. I am sure you can get some more chooks where you are now. All the best to you both. Looking forward to new pots in your new place.

    1. Thanks Dayla it's great to see your still reading after all this time :-)


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