Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Grey Day in Cairns

When we first moved in January.

Here in the far north its been a grey day with a sprinkling of rain here and there . Its still quite warm with a nice breeze blowing. We've been lucky enough to have a wwoofer staying with us, who is from France and he has been doing a great job helping me get the garden organized.
The front garden now with one of the "mounds" at the far end! We had heaps of cardboard boxes left over from moving so I'm using them as weed mat. Now I need sugar cane mulch and compost to put on top.
There was not much too it but golden canes and lawn when we moved in but since then we have made a bit of headway, and now thanks to Pierre we are really getting on with it!
He has moved rocks and dug up lawn, trimmed some of the canes, which are surprisingly messy, and helped out hugely where I either didn't have the time, strength or just couldn't reach!

So now our garden looks a bit different. we have two mounds of waist sitting on the lawns which I am going to allow to break down and then add some compost and soil and plant more plants there. As most of my regular readers might know I'm not a big fan of lawn and would much rather have plants and trees.
Its much greener now as we've had some rain although not as much as would normally be expected i'm told. That's the other mound, both now have plastic secured over them with large rocks, which I found buried all over the garden and they are really nice rocks.
Back in December

Its coming together now I will take some close ups of the plants when they are a bit settled and something to look at!

While we have been here we 've also made a few changes round the place and found a few treasures too. I managed to pick up a BBQ for a song and get it delivered and we now have a lemon tree, and a black Sapote. Still no chooks but all in good time!

Before Christmas I was honoured to be asked to contribute to a couple of publications put out by Earth Garden Publications. The first was for their publication on backyard chooks called "Even More Chook Wisdom"

 and then another article in there Backyard Farmer publication. They have some great publications and heaps of ideas at their website here: http://www.earthgarden.com.au/index.html
Its well worth a visit!

And just up the road we have the mountains and rainforest!


  1. It feels so good when you can really see the difference, when you feel you are making 'headway' into where you want to be.
    Must be great having a woofer around. I may go down that road one day but need accomodation for them first.

  2. I am sure this will be a wonderfull gadren.

  3. dear serena, your new place and garden look wonderful. Good luck with the latest chapter of your life. And congrats on becoming a magazine as well as a blog writer! Being close to the rainforest sounds like heaven - even in the rainy season.


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