Monday, May 27, 2013

Cats and Rats!

We have been living here  in Cairns for just over 5 months. The weather has been kind and the people too! Our family has changed somewhat. We still have Polly our Cairn terrier, and she has settled well and is not so keen to run away anymore. I'm not sure if that is because she is getting a bit long in the tooth or perhaps because the weather is so warm and she's a bit lazier! Unfortunately our cat Chibbie died shortly after we brought her up so now we have two new additions to the family, as many of you will know from my facebook page. They are Felix and Misty, a couple of Burmese kittens, who are brother and sister, different litters but the same dad.

We live on a main road up here so they are indoor cats although they are able to run around in the garage where we are going to set up a teenage retreat and a bit of a cat playground. It also means they wont be hunting native birds in the garden, or cane toads for that matter!

This was Felix and Sam when we first brought him home. He was such a scrawny little thing !

This is Felix now a hansom little cat!
Felix is a red Burmese, but like our Border collie Bruce, is more of a blonde, and a very hansom cat with a lot of charisma. Misty is a lilac  Burmese, and is very sweet natured she's a little bit on the shy side but can give as good as she gets from Felix. They are  very personable cats and very adventurous, they even play with the dog.
Misty the day we brought her home

Happy cats
I've been accused of being a mad cat lady! And I think maybe its true , but there are worse things i could be!
Anyway, back to the garden and the house which are coming along splendidly.The garden perhaps, more than the house! We got rid of the enormous cockroaches ....thank goodness, now I'm told come the rats, as its cane cutting season. Shouldnt be a problem, I hear you say, especially with 2 cats, hah!
May I remind you ...these are Queensland rats, they look like possums!
Its a pity rats don't eat cane toads! But I'm sure we'll sort something out.

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  1. Good luck with the rats serena, we had a plague soon after we moved in here to the mountains of Victoria. We tried traps but they were cheap and badly made and we were being over run. The neighbours told us they all baited, we didn't want to go down that road but have done so through sheer desperation. A Vet told me if you use Talon and another animal eats the dead poisoned rat it will die. If you use Rat Sack another animal would have to eat several dead rats to kill it. So we use rat sack. Well the rats went eventually, we didn't get any veggies till they went. Just now we are having a mouse plague, in the house, in the cupboards, soiling everything and chewing everything. We set an old reliable trap and got 2 but also baited. Yesterday the bathroom started to smell very yukky musty. I think we have a dead mouse in the ceiling or under the floor. They are supposed to crawl away and towards water to die but these may be the babies left by us trapping the parents. Oh what a mine field! Your cats should save your bacon for you. Good luck.
    Dayla from Badger Farm


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