Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Round the bend: The creation, destruction by fire and recovery of Tambreet Gardens

Recently I received an email from the designer of this very beautiful book. It's the story of recovery after incredible trauma. 

Round the Bend is a book written by Esther Leahy with the help of her husband and Gardener Sean. Its a story of survival and recovery after the Black Saturday bush fires which devastated their property eighteen kilometers out of Traralgon in the La Trobe Valley.

It will humble you and bring tears to your eyes while also giving up vital information for garden lovers who live in bush fire or wild fire prone regions of the world.

The photos are lovely and the information is strangely rare as not much has been written about restoring a garden after such immense devastation. The book is called "Round the Bend:The creation, destruction by fire and recover of Tambreet Gardens" . 

Its available on Esther and Seans website here:

Have a look, grab yourself a copy,  I guarantee you will be engrossed and humbled, and blown away by the beauty of this enchanting and often very harsh part of Australia. 
Round the bend the story of bushfire recovery at Tambreet Retreat
Greg Branson who helped Esther and Sean with the design of the book wrote:

...Across the four years as Esther documented the story of their returning garden she and Sean were astonished by tree and plant survival and regrowth.
Gardeners will value being made aware that much of a fire ravaged garden may be able to be rescued. The book has raised the debate about the significance of right choice plants and trees and well-planned gardens around homes.  Extending this debate, the book suggests that gardens correctly planned and planted can assist in protecting communities in fire-prone areas. 

The book is an intriguing read from beginning to end, for all book-lovers. Using the drama, whimsy and humour of her own diary entries the author has captured a tale of ugliness and heartbreak and turned it into a delightful story of plant, animal and community recovery.  The beautiful 264 page book, alive with photographs of nature, has aroused a great deal of interest within bushfire-at-risk communities and the wider reading public.
The book is available online:
Have a look, you wont be disappointed. 


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