Thursday, June 26, 2014

Climate Change and Gardening in the Tropics

In the tropics we have a wet season and a dry season, this year we actually had a cyclone come through in April, so our wet season was running a little late!
In fact it rained right through to mid June, which is very rare. Seems Climate change is definitely having an effect and as a result we will have to learn to deal with it. Accordingly being more aware and planting out our gardens to cope with the changes and extremes in climate which we here in Australia will face is just plane common sense.
Where we live now we are on a flood plane and our home has actually been flooded on 2 occasions. During the wet seasons I have noticed how and where the water pools in the garden and am working on building the garden to prevent that happening quite so much. Although I'm sure the frogs and the cane toads enjoy all the puddles, walking in ankle deep water to get to the front door is not my idea of fun!
Originally our garden was lawn with some golden canes around the fences . The golden canes are still there as they provide quite a good screen from the road, but I have also now planted more shrubs , a couple of trees and some grasses and ground covers. I 'm of the opinion that the more plants we have the more water will get soaked up and this will also allow the soil to build up as plant debri falls and breaks down.
First the soil needs to be improved so the plants can grow, and the water drains away more.  I have already  put down 6cubic metres of mulch late last year. This would have lasted a year in Victoria but in the tropics with all the rain has already broken down and now i am planning on mulching again.
With all the rain then the heat things break down quickly, this time last year I had two mounds of garden debris on both lawns which have completely disappeared not because i moved them!
 Masked Owl in the making!
Trying to build up the level of the soil is hard work but that is my goal, and also to build a path from the driveway to the front door so you don't get wet feet in the rainy season. Many plants which I have planted have grown from cuttings, so the plan is to keep recycling plants I already have in the garden so I have a nice blend and some mass plantings as this is easier on the eye.
I have just gotten myself a garden plot at the local community garden too, this will be for veggies and fruit as my garden is very shady and not great for growing produce.

Mosaic is something which will also be incorporated into the garden. and around the house. Its a beautiful artform which introduces colour and design while incorporating the ability to use  recycled materials, whether they are ceramics (which i used here) or glass or broken bottles , bottle caps, seashells and many many other mediums.


  1. Hi Serena! I think it's a wonderful idea to incorporate mosaic into a garden! It'll add a touch of whimsy to it. I love all three pieces you showed. I almost can see a movement in the two last pieces!
    Climate change sets new garden tasks for us. Good luck!

  2. sounds like you will be ready for what ever climate change throws at you. Well done for being prepared.

  3. Thanks for your comments Ladies I hope all is well with you both in your neck of the woods.


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