Sunday, June 29, 2014

Finally Winter is Here!

"Are you crazy" I hear you cry! Well not really, because Winter in Cairns means Sunny days, no rain, few mozzies and clear crisp nights.
Sorry to rub it in Melbourne!!
After what seemed like an eternity of rain, rain and more rain, our days are true to form sunny Qld days. The garden is finally starting to dry out and the plants will grow.
The sea has cooled down too so we can go for a swim without worrying about jelly fish and other nasties.Apparently the cooler night mean the reptile population like to sun themselves more.
On the way to Port Douglas passing over the Mowbray river  last week we spied  a large snoozing crocodile, about 4 metres long, this was our first sighting of a wild croc since coming to Qld, and I'm happy to say he was down on the riverbank and we were up on the bridge in the car!
Photo of crocs on the Mowbray river courtesy of the Port Douglas Gazette.
It suddenly hit home that we do live in the tropics and there are some quite scary predators up here. My son Sam took a video of him as he sat there snoozing but we didnt want to stop on the bridge so its kind of blurred. They are big , and will eat you if you go near them, but they are still quite neat.  When we returned about 3 hours later he was still there,  I've since read that the Mowbray is a bit like Bondi for Crocs !People do some stupid things up here and will swim where there is signage not to etc, but me, when i see something wild like that, I'm quite happy to stay in the car or at a respectable distance anyway. These guys can move fast when they want to and swim even faster, but from a distance are really quite cool.

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