Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Attempt at Becoming a Waste Free Household

In an effort to help save the planet I am going to create a challenge for myself to minimize our household waste and eventually with good planning become an almost waste free household. My reason is that we all want to live in a clean and beautiful environment and yet are filling our land fills on a daily basis. Pollution is not only an environmental problem but also a social issue. To help my cause I'm going to buy things in recyclable (to me) packaging, take my own baskets and containers to the butcher and the local market, grow more of my own produce, continue making my own soap, yoghurt and perhaps have a go at making cheese too , I'll use my compost more, make our own pet food, unfortunately there are some things I can't recycle for hygiene reasons but I'm still up for the challenge and believe it will make a difference. Not just to our household. But maybe yours too!
Please join me as much as is practical for you. Suggestions are very welcome too!

Please have a look at the Facebook page I have created
and complete my brief survey.

Let me know what you think :-) 

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