Sunday, October 19, 2014

My challenge in being a no waste household

I'm over a week now into my challenge to eliminate waste in our household. Perhaps I was a little altruistic in wanting to be totally waste free. Especially with regard to waste water, sewerage etc. I have found that we are generating less rubbish. I have always had a compost bin and do separate our rubbish but now am realising that i haven't really done as much as I could have.

I did the shopping yesterday and found myself getting a little disillusioned about my objective, but thankfully I'm not easily put off so I will persevere
For example, paper can be composted, so now I am putting waste paper and cardboard into the compost where I might not have before. The dog has a much more varied diet now, with any leftover which do not contain, onions, leeks, garlic or chocolate being mixed into her food. For example if we have leftover bread, rice or grains of any sort i will ad them into her food.

My finances are such that i need to be quite stringent about how much I spend, so havent as yet started buying much in bulk ...much as i would love to. but I am going to have a look around and see what I can come up with.

I would like to get a small petrol driven  mulcher for the garden for example as that would eliminate the need to buy mulch and also have a garden bag which cost money, in the garden. However I need to be in a position to purchase it , probably about  $500 I imagine. But we have golden canes around our fence-line and if i could mulch the fronds and ad them to the compost that would be quite cool.

I suppose my goal is to minimise my waste as much as possible and recycle, reuse and renovate.
If you have any suggestions which don't cost money I would love to hear them . I have also been trying to buy Caustic Soda to make soap but it seems to be very hard to get, apparently people use it when making "ice" ( the drug...not the cold stuff!) You should have seen some of the looks i got when asking for it.....funny. Ive been making soap for years and not had this  problem before. Anyway I digress. Thanks for readying and any feedback is very much appreciated.
Watch this space.


  1. Hi Serena! This is a great challenge! Good for you! I also have a compost pile and a compost bin, and you reminded me that yes, paper and cardboard can be composted. I used to add them to compost, but then started to put them to a recycling bin. And newspapers too!
    I hope you can get a mulcher! Good luck with all your projects!

  2. Sorry if I comment twice! I just want to say great project, and you can run over palm fronds etc with the lawn mower to mulch them. It won't chop up the really big bits so put them in the bottom of the compost bin.

  3. Hey ladies thanks for your comments, I've made a bit of progress and yes I've noticed a difference in the amount of rubbish we throwing out each week which is great. I'm going to persevere. As for the Palm fronds thanks for the tip Theresa, we unfortunately only have a fly mow so its not very gutsy, but we do have a border collie -Willow- who loves to run around the garden with the palm fronds and bring them to me when she's finished with them! ! -keeps her happy and me !!!


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