Wednesday, November 5, 2014

About Compost

one our compost bins

i drilled holes around the sides and cut the bottom out.

Here are some tips about good compost
  Get yourself 2 or even more compost bins. You can buy the expensive ones from the garden centre or just use a plastic outdoor bin with a lid and cut the bottom out of it and drill holes in it. app $16 as opposed to $30+.

Situate it somewhere in the garden you have easy access to that is on the ground -not on paving and gets part sun part shade daily.
In your compost bin try to layer stuff you can put the following in your compost without any fuss at all:
  • kitchen scraps fruit & veggie peels, egg shells(crushed). apple cores, stale bread,
  • paper, newsprint, old paper bags, non gloss junk mail, broken up egg cartons, cardboard- not waxed,
  • garden waste, leaf litter, lawn clippings, dead flowers, straw or wood shavings(not treated pine) especially if you have guinea pigs or chickens

 Every now and then give your compost a stir with a garden fork or a compost screw and      make       sure it doesn't drying out or becoming too wet.

Lawn clippings are good in compost as they have nitrogen, which Aussie soil is very deficient in-if that's where you live.  But be careful not to just dump it and leave, as it will slow the compost process down and make the compost stink try to mix it through.

Some things you don't want to put in your compost are:
  • onions-worms don't like onions and remember worms are good!
  • any citrus peel 
  • meat, dairy or any protein -no bones about it!
  • weeds especially if they have seeds on them, some people do but nothing will kill the seeds
  • dog or cat poo especially if you are using the compost on veggies
So that's about it give it a shot it doesn't cost that much and your garden will thank you for it .

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