Monday, January 19, 2015

Rain and Summer growth

The wonderful thing about living in the tropics despite the sometimes unbearable humidity, is this time of year, it rains like crazy and then the sun pops out and everything grows. Hooray for that. Tonight as I drove my son to work we could see rain being made in the hills at the back of our place, as the temperature rises after rain , the water in the rainforest evaporates and forms clouds over the trees. This is our next lot of rain being made, if we chop those trees down - it wont happen. Nature is very cool but we need to respect it and nurture it.

Our garden is taking shape slowly but surely some of our newly planted trees have actually developed into trees! and others are quietly getting there in their own time. The grass is green again now, for a long time everything was brown, as we didn't have rain for a while, but things are back to their beautiful tropical green again.As the thunder rolls around the hills.

I've made myself a new pot stand out of the old BBQ i got online for 15.00; turned out you had to pull it apart to light it so i figured it would make a pretty good pot stand if I removed the workings of it and just used the frame. I will probably paint it to brighten things up and give it a layer of protection.  and will  also be using recycled dog food cans to plant some veggies in . Its quite strong and is an excellent height for potting so is ideal.

not very glamorous at this stage but I will get to that, now's not a great time to paint things.

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