Sunday, January 4, 2015

Up the Garden Path

Here in the tropics we have 2 seasons, Wet and Dry. During the dry season which is everyone elses autumn winter and spring, the weather is generally quite fine to hot, and around the middle of the year the nights are cool, its a beautiful time of year and a great time to visit.  In the wet season temperatures usually hover around 29-35c with high humidity, its very hot and sticky and sea temperature is around 28c.
Now I'm a newby up here so am definitely no expert. However we are coming into our third rainy season, and the issue of getting around the garden without wearing gumboots has arisen yet again. So I am researching a garden path which will get us from the car to the house without being ankle deep in water.  It needs to be cost effective and something which I can build myself with a bit of help possibly, I'm thinking maybe pavers and gravel, or river stones or just gravel although it needs to be built up with sand first.  Something which will allow the water to drain away/through, not wood as this will become slippery and dangerous and will attract termites which are very prevalent up here.

A garden I built for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, springs to mind. With a metal edge on it to stop the gravel ending up in the garden.

I quite like this idea although maybe the pebbles need to be larger and a tad darker.
This one in the centre is a great idea for a straigh path although I think the contrast to the pavers are some type of nut shell??
I quite like this idea of recycled pallet's as a path, but not in our garden.

Or this, the colours I like but its a little formal

I think maybe something like these would be more my style and suit our garden. Gravel is better as it wont break down mulch breaks down here in a couple of months.

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