Monday, February 2, 2015

Indian Miner Birds- Where are You Feeding Your Pets?

The Feral Indian Miner Bird and aggressive little pest.
Here in Australia one of the most common introduced pests is this bird pictured above, the Indian Miner Bird; not to be confused with this bird below,  the Native Miner or Noisy Miner which are native to Australia.
The Noisy Miner Bird  is a native bird and is being driven out of our garden by its introduced cousin.
Indian Miner birds are noisy aggressive little birds which will take over whole areas and drive native birds away.
Recently I noticed we had an invasion of Indian Miners and they had driven away all the native birds, except our little Willy Wag Tail who is a very quick and brave little bird. The miners would come into the garden in the morning screeching and making an awful din and chase any other birds away . Even the butcher birds left. I was getting quite concerned as they seemed to have moved in . Then one day I was leaving the house and disturbed them on the front verandah - 3 of them... helping themselves to the dogs breakfast!
Immediately I realized what was going on. The attraction was indeed the dogs breakfast! So I wonder many people feed their pets outside? and do you have a problem with Miner birds?
If you do maybe you need to re-arrange your pets dining arrangements! Willow is now allowed to dine inside and peace has been restored, now we have all these birds back in the garden:
Pied Imperial Pigeon - these are beautiful large birds with a soft but very distinct cooing call
Friar Birds, are lovely active honeyeaters
Sun birds 

Pied Butcher Bird - I think this one is a juvenile

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  1. Beautiful birds; some are different from our area. For sure we have the native Miner birds; I love their playfulness and family allegiance to each other. I have not yet seen the Indian Miner in my garden. Many lovey doves and pigeons visit also.


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